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Magical research involves the search for valuable artifacts. And it's so exciting!
MAGICAL TRIP serum facial serum invites you to start an incredible journey.
30 мл | No fragrance

face serum

You will not be left alone in the maze of neon emotions — ethyl ascorbic acid will make up the company. It will show the skin its bright side and give tireless vigor to collagen.

Under the gentle cover of extraordinary desires, you will be met by carnosine with glutathione.
This magical tandem works as an antioxidant — protects the protein molecules of the skin and relieves stress. What you need to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of an eternal holiday!
Lactobacilli lysate — your fabulous companion at the end of the adventure — will protect the skin from everything perishable and increase its immunity.

Every journey brings with it an update, only a smile on your face remains unchanged!
What is heard
Join the beautiful - in @chaukao_daily
What is heard
Join the beautiful - in @chaukao_daily
Join the beautiful - in @chaukao_daily